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IRISO Electronics

IRISO Electronics

IRISO Electronics is a global manufacturer of electronic connectors based in Japan. IRISO specializes in Board to Board Connectors, FFC/FPC Connectors and Pin Headers/Interface Connectors. We conduct business in a very traditional way, aspiring to provide value to any process and focusing not just on the products we sell but on the application of those products to help solve bigger problems. IRISO prides itself in working with the customer to provide solutions custom to their product needs. Founded in 1965, IRISO was named after the village of Iriso in Japan where we received our first order of manufactured pins. From that point, IRISO has grown into an innovative, global company that maintains the personal service standards of a small business. We take pride in staying true to our values and heritage because the success of our company has always been in our investment in the people behind the products.

Chemtech Plastics


Chemtech Plastics services a variety of industries and customers, each requiring special needs and attention. Chemtech is dedicated to addressing the special needs of customer projects with the following capabilities and services:

  • Precision custom injection molding
  • Insert molding and over-molding
  • TS 16949 & ISO 9001 driven Quality Systems
  • Engineering and design support
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Mold design, build and maintenance
  • Decorating of plastic parts
  • Assembly



DSG-Canusa is a leading manufacturer of heat shrinkable products, specializing in innovative solutions for the automotive, electrical/utility, communication and electronic markets.


DSG-Canusa works closely with global OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to select and test the most cost effective heat shrink products for demanding applications. Their heat shrink products are approved and vehicle tested on all major car and truck lines.


DDG-Canusa has innovative products which prevent water ingress and mechanical damage to cables, splices and connectors. The application of heat shrink products in the communications industry can be divided into Hard Line Coax, Drop, Fiber Systems and Wireless Infrastructure.


DDG-Canusa offers a full range of high quality heat shrinkable products for the Electrical and Utility industries including cable accessories for low voltage and medium voltage applications. Their broad line of electrical insulation products are designed and tested to meet the most demanding requirements of IEEE, UL, CSA, ANSI as well as many other international standards for performance and long term reliability.


DSG-Canusa’s electronic product line ranges from common use single wall polyolefin on small gauge wire assemblies to the use of high temperature PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) heat shrink on heating sensors.

DSG-Canusa’s heat shrinkable products are approved to UL, CSA and Military specifications. For more information, go



GIGAVAC is a USA manufacturer of environmentally sealed high voltage relays, contactors, and battery management products. Designed for extreme conditions GIGAVAC EPIC sealed contactors are used in a variety of applications at voltages to 750V and currents to 4000A. This wide capability enables use in traditional ICE engines, hybrid systems, and electric vehicle systems. Applications include grid heaters, A/C units, main power, batter disconnect and isolation features, auxiliary power and hybrid drive systems for buses, trucks, and rail. GIGAVAC also offers integrated electronics for low voltage disconnects battery management, and other sensing capabilities.

For more information, please visit

TennMax America

TennMax America

TennMax America is a leader in EMI shielding and Thermal Management. Our primary focus is to provide a complete solution utilizing our advanced knowledge in conductive silicones, gasketing, plastic metallization, heat pipes and sinks and phase change materials.

Form in Place Gasketing - Automated technology that dispenses Form-in-Place conductive elastomer gaskets on metal or plastic housings. The system applies programmed gasket beads with pinpoint accuracy in four axes. This allows for compensation for uneven surfaces in castings and molded parts and provides consistent highly reliable seals. Gaskets can be applied on flanges as narrow as 0.50 mm, affording more space for board components or allowing smaller overall packaging.Combining Vapor Deposition with other conductive gasketing materials, TennMax America can supply solutions to assist our customers in resolving all their EMI problems.Whether you require Form in Place Gasket (FIP), or Aluminum/Cloth over foam gaskets, we have the right technology to resolve the most difficult EMI issues.

Thermal Interface Material - used to transfer heat between two objects. This material will remove air gaps and provide a more efficient transfer of heat.

Plastic metallization - the process where a metallic layer is deposited on a non-metallic or metallic substrate. This is also known as Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD). PVD is used for Electromagnetic shielding and is a cost effective way of shielding lighter weight materials or materials with unique geometries. Electromagnetic shielding is one of the most important measures and must be ensured especially for plastic cases which are increasingly used. Consequently, it is necessary to have a cost-effective metallization process for electronic devices which is also compatible with the environment. Vapor deposition of shielding layers by vacuum technology meets these requirements and is an innovative future-oriented technology.

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SOC Corporation

SOC Corporations

SOC provides quality fuses for the protection of electric circuits. SOC’s products are utilized in a variety of applications including electric vehicles, servers, photovoltaic systems, industrial machinery, gas detectors and medical devices.

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