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Terminal and Connectors

As the global world becomes more and more connected, terminals and connectors have become an essential role in numerous industries. We represent products connecting and terminating systems within the automotive, aerospace, defense, medical, and commercial industries. We cover a broad range of products covering applications from automotive cable terminals to medical device connector systems.

Our Testimonials

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    Finding the right rep firm with relationships within our target customer base for a specialty line such as ours is no easy task. For IRISO, Link Technical Resources was a perfect fit. They have a strong technical background and an energy that is unmatched in their area. We are excited to add them to our team.

    Dion Wujcik,
    Sales Director

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    GIGAVAC has been extremely pleased with our partnership with Link Technical Resources. Link combines a detailed knowledge of the market with a keen understanding how to approach the customer. GIGAVAC has been impressed by the responsiveness with which Link has pursued the marketing of our product line. Link has quickly opened doors to new customers while at the same time initiating contact with our existing customer base. During this process the information flow has been frequent and positive, showing that Link understands the needs of both GIGAVAC and our customer base.

    Markus Beck,
    VP of Power Components

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